Moving out!
We have now moved out of the premises on Birger Jarslgatan 26. For inquiries about artworks, please contact us at +46 (0)734 26 7018.

Beach_Chart Nigel's Plan_48x36 Double_Set Moonsun_30x27 Snowice_30x27 Titled-Untitled_30x36 Edge's of Town's 60x55_K_small French New World_60x55 The French Aquamen_60x55 Hallowfield_36x30 First Day of Sping_60x55 The French Aquamen_60x55 Honor's Virtue_60x55 Carib Fort 60x55 1 Orchard Eer_30x36

...“A sense of ecstasy fills me when I find myself deep into making a painting, when I am completely present, taking a moment to actually look at what I’m doing, watching and seeing how the colours interact with each other....  A fantastic result for me would be if these paintings could provide a momentary refuge for others where gestures of hope and discovery convey a sense of purpose, which in equal parts is entertaining, enlivening and enlightening”.

- Michael Adamson March, 2016